Tuesday, March 4, 2014

spring *crochet* pattern

  • Hello there this is a new pattern like always if there is one out there like this please contact me so i can remove it but there must and always be proof 

  • Make a magic ring 
  • Chain 3 dc as many dc as you want to close and slst in top of the dc ,,,

  • In the front loop you will work you springs , chain 3 in the 2nd chain from the hook you will do 3 sc in each chain till the end , sc in the next st , all the way around
  • Slst in the the back loop and chain 3 and do 2 dc in the same st .
two dc in each st around 

  • then do you petals 
  • just keep inc and adding your petals 

Monday, February 24, 2014


I have not a clue if there anyone that really reads my post . So just in case here is and update on my life ...

  • We moved 
  • we got a new dog named odie 
  • I am still working , 
  • i got glasses ,  I really hate the snow , 

oh and i cut my hair , 

So like always we moved at the 1st snow fall , 
we moved about 45 to 55 minutes away from are all out to the new . We are closer to the family ... And the pits , are enjoying the back yard lol , 

So about 2mon in the new house my friend call my mom and said she has a pit that needs a home. The abuser would slam his head into a wall and not feed him so we took the little guy in , 

after apply for many job no luck still at the same place 

for x-mas my grams got me glasses i have to pair but i only wear one ,( lol i just thought of why i am having issues not see the screen i dont have my glasses on ) 

Well i hope to try and be on here more if not i will randomly update yall , love you be safe 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tea light flower

Well it the time again i am not sure if there is a pattern like this or not . I have been playing around with yarn again , and this is what i have come up with .

I dont no if theres a pattern like it but if u want the pattern i will be more then happy to send it to u ..

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the double petal daffodil

  1. Make a magic ring , slst 
  2. 10 sc on the ring pull the ring closed (10sc)
  3. 2sc in each sc around (20)
  4. in the font loops you will sc around till u get back to the 1st on (20 sc)
  5. sc in each st around till u have your desired length skip 1 sc and slst fo 
Petals  part on 

  1. with new color sc ,hdc, dc , tr,dctr, big picot chain 5 picot , dctr, tr, dc,hdc, sc, skip 2 and repeat till end fo , 
petals part 2 

  1. were you skipped 2 you will do part one in the missed sc .... and your done 

thanks for taking the time and looking at this pattern 

Monday, September 23, 2013

calla lily

  1. magic ring  
  2. slst , do 6 sc  pull string to tighten 
  3. 2 sc in each st around .. 
  4. 2 sc in the frist st and then 1 sc in the next  repeat 
  5. 2 sc in the frist st and then 1 sc in the next 2 repeat 
  6. you will continue to increase till the you have  2 sc and then 1 sc in the next (5) your almost done , with this part u need your wire to sc over u will need to leave about a 2-3 inch hang over the began and end 
  7.  with the wire hanging down u will go to the opasite end and slst and sc 8 across , chain one turn sc dec  and the the end chain 1 continue till you have 2 in total fo and with the same color u will go back to the wire u will sc in each stitch and up the triangle and down and then around fo ur done with this part 

For the sepal u will , 
magic ring slst 6 sc and sc around still desired length 

Stick wire threw the bot and twist and place the sepal on top of the petal have all four wire on top of each other and fold and twist , done ,,, 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

triangle puff pattern , for many projects

Triangle Puff Pattern .
You can use for many pattern and ideals 

With any size hook  but for me i used a size 4 e u will need yarn and scissors , 
This pattern i belive is the basic pattern so i telling u some ideal what u can do with it so not harassment ok thanks 
 this is a general pattern if there is a puff like this sorry i was thinking of a differ way to make a puff .... so on that note i hope u like it took me a little while but i figured how to make this all work out , here are some pics of things u can make also you can attach 3 and one on the bottom and make a baby toy ,,, 

  • ch- chain 
  • Sc- single crochet 
  • 2sc . sc , 2sc  -make sure all ur increase rows are in the beginning and end 
  • fo- Fasten off 

  • Make 2 triangle pieces , 
  • chain 2 , 
  • in the 2nd chain from the hook you will do 3sc 
  • Chain one 2 sc in the 1 st and one in the next and 2sc in the last chain 1 . chain 1 sc across then repeat .... u will increase one row and then sc across another . i will dose this will u have a increase and in the increase u will have 17  u will make as many as u want and at this point u can sew them together , or make a puff. make two and then sc around . Fo

  • when u are finished with the 2nd on you will not fo 
  • place the first one in the back of the second on and began 
  • Chain one sc on the side and on the point and back up the other side of both triangle's , 

u should be in the opening part now , stuff and continue to the end and slst in to 1st sc ... so in ends ... 

U can make a pillow and a blanket , 

i do not take clam for the triangle , or the puff but i did right it up and make then so feel free to have fun with them ,,,