Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snow star

Chan 5 slst
Chan 3.1 dc chain 2. 2dc .chain 2 repeat till u have 5 sets of dcs slst on top of chain 3 ..
.....fpdc . Front post dc
Chain 3.  On the chain two of previous round1dc . Fpdc on the next two dcdc in the chain 2 space repeat till the end chain two  slst  repeat for 3 rounds .  You will have 2 dc .10fpdc this one side of point . Contiue like normal

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

snow * slouchy hat *

Hooks h and k 
yarn . 
  1. grab hook h 
  2. chain 71 join , sc in each 70. slst 
  3. chain 1 you will do this as many as you want . 
  4. grab hook k 
  5. Chain 3 dc in the same st, 2 dc in the sts around . slst ontop of the chain 3
  6. chain 3 dc in each st around and you will do this till you have desired size . slst 
  7. these round you will do 2dcdec ...... till its closed 

i will have a pic up soon hope you all like 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bills suck theft

This pattern is for my a family member ....who has passed away ....

candy part

  1. Magic ring slst , 6 sc . slst on the top of the 1 sc 
  2. chain 1, sc in the same st then 2 sc in each around slst on top of the sc
  3.  -5.chain 1 sc in each chan around  

  4. This round  and the next you will sc in the back post .in two rows

  5. then you will sc in both loops for 2 round  then 
  6. this round you will sc dec bl in every st =  single crochet decrease in the back loop for this round only ..
  7. this is the normal sc dc till you have it closed .... 

In the back loop sc dec you will slst and chain 3 then 2 dc . you will do this with all the loops showing ... this slst into the chain 3 ...

  • stick 
  • magic ring , slst 6 sc or less you chose slt st to the 1 sc then chain 1 and keep for 10-15 round then sc dec until the stick is closed ... leave a long  tail to sew to the bottom of the candy part ...... 

Bow could 2 strands white and then 2 of the color of the candy pop .  then tie up over the ruffle/// i hope to have pictures up soon , 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Patterns ....

I was reading and article that said a copy right pattern is a pattern that is the same as the owner of the desni